You have tattoos? And you eat shellfish?!

TatYou have probably heard the frequently posed question regarding “cherry picking” passages from the Old Testament in order to reinforce Christian morality. The Atheist poses this question rhetorically, attempting to illustrate a contradiction, while many Christians may genuinely struggle to understand which OT passages are in fact applicable. Do you eat shellfish? Do you wear mixed clothing (meaning clothing made from more than one fiber)? Yes, I do eat shellfish, and yes, I do wear mixed clothing, and here’s why. Continue reading “You have tattoos? And you eat shellfish?!”



Hurricane Harvey. An enormous storm wreaking havoc on the state of Texas. Record rainfall, but also record altruism.  Every media outlet is replete with notable acts performed not only by rescue workers but by everyday citizens risking life and property to ensure the safety of others. I can’t help but consider how these acts embody the very definition of altruism. Citizens showing disinterested and selfless concern (meaning they have no hope of reward or recognition). They are helping simply because it’s the right thing to do. Continue reading “WHY WE RESPOND TO TRAGEDY”

Why Doesn’t God Reveal Himself?


It’s not uncommon to hear criticism concerning the manner in which God reveals himself, or, rather, does not reveal himself. Specifically, one may ask, why doesn’t God reveal himself directly to every single person? Why doesn’t God provide irrefutable proof? Why can’t everyone experience a burning bush type of moment like Moses (Exodus 3:2)?

Continue reading “Why Doesn’t God Reveal Himself?”