Hurricane Harvey. An enormous storm wreaking havoc on the state of Texas. Record rainfall, but also record altruism.  Every media outlet is replete with notable acts performed not only by rescue workers but by everyday citizens risking life and property to ensure the safety of others. I can’t help but consider how these acts embody the very definition of altruism. Citizens showing disinterested and selfless concern (meaning they have no hope of reward or recognition). They are helping simply because it’s the right thing to do. Continue reading “WHY WE RESPOND TO TRAGEDY”



The sun beats fiercely down in Castile in August and at siesta time every road is deserted: not a man, not even a dog. I am wrong, however. In the distance a dark blob shows up against the light which is so brilliant that every speck of dust is separately visible. A friar. A pilgrim perhaps? His brown habit which is all in rags sweeps the dust, the Franciscan hood is well down over his eyes. Not that he is afraid of being blinded by the dazzling light — the brilliance of his interior vision is more intense than any sunlight — but he despises the world which he treads beneath his bare feet. Vagabond that he is, he has never consented to travel otherwise than as the very poor do, begging his bread; he has been all over Spain and Italy with his regular, measured tread. Moreover, he asks for alms but seldom: with a hunch of bread every three days, he has as much as he wants. “It’s a matter of habit,” he says. Witnesses affirm that he has sometimes remained a whole week forgetting to take any earthly nourishment. 1

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